The Money Makers Club

There is money in the world & it belongs in your bank account! 

Speak Your Book Class

Audio Anthologies are one of the greatest ways I help women get seen and get paid virtually! Use the power of your voice to create money! 
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Celebrity Book Club

Your Books Deserve To Be Sold, Not Sitting On Your Shelf! The World Needs Your Words!  Celebrity Book Club Will Showcase You & Your Book! 
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Get Seen And Get Paid With Podcasting

Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills is going to teach you how she has gotten her podcast picked up by the hottest media outlets across the planet! 
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Get Seen And Get Paid Challenge

This  FREE Challenge Will Help You Transform From Being A Hidden Figure To Becoming A Household Name 
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TV Time Book

The secrets that you will find in TV Time will have you booked and busy on media! 
Dr. Stevii has a BA in PR and over 20 years experience! 
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TV Time Class

Dr. Stevii has a BA in Public Relations and has over 20 years of experience in the industry of PR. She is going to teach you the exact steps
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Strategize With Dr. Stevii

I am super excited about helping you to create a strategy that will set your business ablaze! Come with your questions & leave with answers
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Get Yo PR On And Poppin!

Dr. Stevii is oh so excited to help you to get out to more people. She brings her 20 years of PR experience to help get you seen! 
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Money Makers Club Yacht Club Level

The Yacht Club Is Exclusive One On One Coaching With Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills! 
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Marketing That Makes You Money

Over the years in business I have been able to create marketing strategies that have made me money! In this class I am sharing them with you
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Celebrity T Shirt Club

Celebrity T-Shirt Club is all about making a statement that sells! 
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How To Get On The News For Free

One of the greatest ways to increase your visibility, credibility and cash is to get on the news! 
This Quick Course will tell you how! 
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The Get It Done Planner

The Get It Done Planner will get you going, growing and glowing in the right direction for all of the things that you need to do! 
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Direct Sales Dollars

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