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Dr. Stevii has been featured on these networks and many more. 

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Products And Services

Now is the time to stop being a "Hidden Figure" and step into your power with these curated classes and services that Dr. Stevii custom designed just for you - The Christian Woman.  

Remember, God didn't create you to hide, but to let your light shine before "men." It's time to increase your Visibility, Credibility and Cash! 

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These books will provide the tools and strategies needed to get seen & paid! Check them out below!

The Pieces of My Platform

Permission Slips + Praise = PR

The Get It Done Planner

TV Time

Free Resources

Cultivating Your It Factor (E-Book Version)

Your brand is your business’s most valuable asset. It’s what influences customers, clients, prospects, partners, investors and employees. 

How To Get On The News For Free

One of the greatest ways to increase your visibility, credibility and cash is to get on the news! 
This Quick Course will tell you how! 

Get Seen And Get Paid Challenge

This  FREE Challenge Will Help You Transform From Being A Hidden Figure To Becoming A Household Name 


Evolution Book Pre-Sell

Elevated Virtual Experiences Book Pre-Sell

The Highly Visible Influencer Handbook

The Highly Visible Influencer Handbook has all of Dr. Stevii's strategies that she implemented to go from a hidden figure to highly visible!

Cash Is Not A Curse Word

Hear the inspirational stories of women who have all experienced the worst of times, yet have been able to turn them into the best of times.

Permission Slips + Praise = PR

In this book I am talking about my deeper journey. The one that is all about the woman who is just Stevii. Not the brand - Just Stevii.

The Pieces of My Platform

Hear the inspirational stories of women who have all experienced the worst of times, yet have been able to turn them into the best of times.

TV Time Book

The secrets that you will find in TV Time will have you booked and busy on media! 
Dr. Stevii has a BA in PR and over 20 years experience! 

The Get It Done Planner

The Get It Done Planner will get you going, growing and glowing in the right direction for all of the things that you need to do! 


Direct Sales Dollars

This Course is about the super simple strategies Stevii used to create 5 figures & counting in the Direct Sales & Network Marketing industry

Speak Your Book Class

Audio Anthologies are one of the greatest ways I help women get seen and get paid virtually! Use the power of your voice to create money! 

TV Time Class

Dr. Stevii has a BA in Public Relations and has over 20 years of experience in the industry of PR. She is going to teach you the exact steps

Marketing That Makes You Money

Over the years in business I have been able to create marketing strategies that have made me money! In this class I am sharing them with you

Get Seen And Get Paid With Podcasting

Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills is going to teach you how she has gotten her podcast picked up by the hottest media outlets across the planet! 

“The Rock Your IT Factor – Live Your Truth” Empowerment Workshop.

“Rock YOUR IT Factor!” We all have it, yes that means YOU too! Not just an IT factor but you have a God-given IT factor, called purpose.

Special Engagements

Dr. Stevii's Black Friday Bundle

The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club Is Exclusive One On One Coaching With Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills! 
View product $5,000

No More Hidden Figures™ Audio Anthology

Christian Money Makers Presents: Jingle Jingle Mix And Mingle

No More Hidden Figures™ Bootcamp

Gone are the days where women can remain silent! Gone are the days where you can afford to stay hidden. It is costing you so much! 
View webinar $2,500

It Factor Income On Demand Event

This On Demand Event is custom designed to teach you how to earn $1000 in your business and do it repeatedly! 

Get Yo PR On And Poppin!

Dr. Stevii is oh so excited to help you to get out to more people. She brings her 20 years of PR experience to help get you seen! 
View product $1,297

Strategize With Dr. Stevii

I am super excited about helping you to create a strategy that will set your business ablaze! Come with your questions & leave with answers

Chhiillleeee, I'm Your Visibility Coach

Dr. Stevii A. Mills is a media professional and heavily sought out Visibility Coach. Stevii resides in Roanoke, VA with her family, but has a passion and heart for the great state of North Carolina. She is more than just an entrepreneur, Stevii is America’s #1 It Factor Rocker who is known for her high energy and genuine love for life. 

Dr. Stevii's Top Fun Facts

1. I am named after Stevie Wonder and his daughter Aisha 

2. I love, love, love Peanut Butter

3. I am an Only Oldest. I am my Mom’s only child and my Dad’s oldest child. 

4. The hospital I was born in no longer has births in it.

5. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University was the only school I ever applied to 

6. Some of my favorite shows are Different World, Sex And The City, Girlfriends and Good Times 

7. I love to dance and have even been known to dance in the middle of Walmart or to a ringtone 

8. I love to travel and my goal one day soon is to be Location Independent